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Where is the limit in Love?
Where is the line to be cross?
Is it there? Does it exsist?
Where is my heart tonight?
In whos hands does it lay?
Is it yours? Must it be?
How do you explain this feeling?
Lost without a limit ever seen?
Do you see? Understand?
Is limit a concern with my heart in your hands?
Is Love ever to be measured?
But to this I know the answer.
It tis no longer a question to be asked.
For as long as it exsist within your eyes.
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Upon which to base my life
upon which to base my life.
I saw you in the morning light
My heart it lept for joy.
What is time but a measurement of life
This life kept us apart
This life holds my anger.
No words can describe it,
How hard i had worked
For what should have been mine.
You should have been mine.
I had you heart but for a fraction of your life
But i can tell you now you always had mine.
For such a short time things were right
We had a perfect love
So perfect , so apart
So ultimately flawless.
I can only hold on so long,
So long as I'm alive
So long as I am breathing.
My heart shall beat for you.
Following in your shoes.
In your memory i shall live,
I model myself over you,
The way you lived,
The way you love,
Following in your shoes.
The way your smile could bring life
Into a room of dullness.
Your knowledge, your strength
Your outlook upon life,
I shall base my time left
Upon the wisdom of your words.
Following in your shoes.
The wisdom in you jokes
Even brought an easiness to life
That makes more sen
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An Eternal Guarantee
Everyday every breath
Every moment shall astonish.
My heart within this world
Shall never give in.
So deep into feeling
So delicate like a flower
A flower thats never felt the cold
Of a world that seems so right.
So many things have been disguised
Mislead into controversy
To many nights spent anguished
Over what? Nothing....
Thats why I'm hear to say
That our world is mostly right
Not to brag or to conciet
But above the rest we shall rise.
High into the beauty of
A sunset never seen.
This world shall be our playground
This life will be our promise
This time may be eternal
But this loves a guarantee.
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 1 1
Positivlly unknown strength
Can you save my falling soul?
Will you love this heart?
This heart thats seen the depths of hell
About to fall apart.
Can I be the only one for you
To make the perfect be?
The guiding one with a loving hand
While setting my heart free.
Can you break the chains and walls
Dying to be broken?
The chain that loves to pierce my heart
When memreble words are spoken.
Can you make the memeries
Be remembered without pain?
The memories that pierce my heart
That live within the chain.
But are there better questions
To be asked? Of corse but not of you?
The questions to myself
Of which I don't even know are true.
Can I be any stronger?
Can I carry my own heart?
For this is what I have to do
If your to fall apart.
So must I again question my strength
Of which has seen no limit?
I've come so close to breaking
Now I dwell myself within it.
If I fall again will you love me
Through that not so pretty sight?
The weakness that is shown
When I know it isn't right.
Can you find it in your heart
Can you for
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 1 0
E for Everything
The perfect note
Hit at such a high key
The perfect song
To persuade my heart.
The most beautiful soul
That makes it worth any trouble,
This beautiful conflict
To keep me hanging on.
This wonderful time
That we call life
Blesses me with a feeling
That we call L.O.V.E
And just like the song
That explains it all
I'd be lost with out my E
My everything.
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0
From Another
Oh quiet rain delight me
And take away my fear.
My heart is verging breaking
Over tomorrows chancing tears.
Oh quiet rain you calm me
Such bliss within a sigh
And maybe for a moment,
never to ask why.
Oh quiet rain i love you
Much more then any other.
For you never fail to give
What i needed from another.
Oh quiet rain don't leave me
Like the others have mostly done
And take away my only fear
Of losing another one.
Oh quiet rain i need you
For this heart is heavy bound
And if i ask to much
Well then i'm headed for the ground.
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0
i believe i can fly
why is time so cruel
as to soar past
without saying goodbye?
Why is the heart so sensitive?
so easily damaged
yet almost as easily engaged.
What am i to do?
Do i dare sip the darkness,
or cross into the light.
Why does my subconscience haunt me?
the past promisses of tomorrow,
that bind my wings to the ground.
How do i let go?
How am i to be free?
why does love
dare to cross my path
knowing our past?
Is love that easily forgiven?
so blissful, yet terrifying.
how could i stay away?
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0
a distressed heart
A distressed heart
Category: Writing and Poetry
What is love to the heart that loves to love
But is scared to fall?
Through the troubles of my darkness
Do i dare to touch at all.
Already so intrigued so engaged
And undenying.
When this hearts been to the moon and back
With complications flying.
Is there even such a thing
Do I dare to call it love
I've been given such a gift
I don't belive im worth of.
Can you deal with all this darkness?
Can you wipe away my tears?
Because this hearts been far from steady
In the last of these few years.
But you must see here that I love you
For my heart is on the line,
And I wouldn't give to a love I thought
Was never ment to shine.
Please belive me for im trying
And my intenstions are so true,
But understand this is the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
A loved so completly flawless
I do not dare to let it go.
But I can hold it dear and carry on
For thats what im here to show.
Is there even such a thing
Do I dare to call it love
I've been given such
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 1 0
why can't it be
Sleep only comes to the worthy
Though power is made for the wise
Mistakes have been made in judgement
With what lyes behind those eyes.
Time can be the cruelest
Alway holding whats not foretold,
We await the coming tomorrow
As we watch our life unfold.
Life has never promised happiness
Just as it wisely shouldn't
But if i got to change a day
I can tell you now i wouldn't.
For this life hold many treasures
Of which are not all fair
But they have created who we are today
Which is a change i would not dare.
So take this advice and hold it
Use it when decisions come to play
Ever second is a precious gift
you shouldn't waste away.
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0
only two
Two people,
Once forever combined
In body soul spirit and mind,
Stay that way
For not even time
Can break the love
That was always mine.
Two hearts,
Will fly forever
In a place where there
Won't ever be never.
Where good love reins
And nothing is bad
And the feelings you feel
Aon't ever be sad.
bodies lifeless
families sad.
but 2 forever happy
for they made it through the bad.
souls are joyful
with the feeling of love
while their shined by the light
of the spirits above.
this is what i want
i crave it in my sleep.
no matter how hard i try
there is not much i can keep.
i am only one,
as hard as i try,
this is what i want
and so one day i shall die.
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0
the search
I am special
I an loved
I am all of the above.
My heart still flutters
The tears still fall
But i'm still loved after all.
The light still flickers
My eyes still cry
Theres nothing to do
Nothing to try.
This heart still loves
It's flying high
But through the clouds
Im flying by.
All dark around
The ground is near
I'll hit it hard
This time i fear.
My heart it races
All through the night
As i think of you
And live in fright.
This heart can't take this
To much longer
I reach for you
To make me stronger.
Can't you hear me
My darling dear
Can't you see im struggling here.
I don't know home
When i can't find my heart
I search for you
All through the dark.
Time passes
Nothing heals
The pain around is all i feel.
The dark
The light
It blends to gray
The hazyness won't go away.
But im looking left
Im looking right
Im searching everyday in fright.
This search it kills
It's finds it's way
And it'll let you know
By the end of the day.
I've found the end
I've found my heart,
But the end of the sea
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 1 1
green lips by ThevilKitty666 green lips :iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0 untitled by ThevilKitty666 untitled :iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0 candles 2 by ThevilKitty666 candles 2 :iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 1 lighting candles takes to long by ThevilKitty666 lighting candles takes to long :iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 0
souls at stake
-Breath after Breath step after step
week after year after life.
there go's another innocent soul
thanks to a fucking knife.
-A poke, a push, a pounch a stab.
memories put into place.
a body heals and life go's on
to see you face to face.
-A tear or 2 to shead for you
with your whole life ahead
we pray for you to get better soon
with the mangling thoughts of dread.
-A breath a step another year later
now that your on track
back to the you that we all knew
it's great to have u back.
:iconthevilkitty666:ThevilKitty666 0 2


Thought She Was in Love...
The Diary Of An Ordinary Girl Who Thought She Was in Love
September 20th (?) 2005
Well how do I say this?
I really like u a lot. You probably already know that. ******** says he told you. And according to others…. you like me too
Yah how did I find that out? Well it was 'cause of my brother. Yes my brother. He said that you said you liked me. Yeah, no one would ever guess by the way you act. You hug on girls you hardly even know. You flirt with ugly blonde girls that u hardly even know. No one would ever guess we were close in middle school. That we had good laughs, shared a pizza, and comforted each other when we were sad.
If u like me, why don't you act like it? I mean when a guy likes somebody he usually flirts hardcore with her and actually says something about it. I mean you say hi but I need more then "hi". I mean, anybody can say hi. I say hi 2 random people all the time. But I've been thinking about it for a while and these are the possibilities:
The biggest one is that you don
:iconstarmoon14:starmoon14 1 1
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Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: at my computer
Favourite genre of music: rock and roll baby
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Skin of choice: wtf?
Favourite cartoon character: brian from family guy, are u sure it was a book are u sure it wasn't nothing?
Personal Quote: i wanna die happy so why should i do something i don't wanna do if i don't know when im go
love is............


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and u cant send it baq to me
u don't have to do it! ^^
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Hey Jill!

We need to get on here more!
starmoon14 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2007
Lol i love how half of your journal entrys mention me. And I didnt even go on deviant art at the time.

Anyways im gonna make a journal entry and talk about you in it lol
starmoon14 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007
hey Jill whats up.

I finally posted something else on my profile. Its actually I diary I kept when i liked Ethan. You should read it....I edited out names but yea its still interesting (i think...)

There are alot of grammer/spelling mistakes but its a diary so oh well. ahaha.
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Thanks very much for the fav!
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hey Jill wut hav u been doin all summer?? we need 2 hang out! laters
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Thanks for the fav Jill :D
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